T Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex (commonly known as T-Rex) was one of the biggest carnivores that ever lived. It's a Hollywood star and a big feauture of the Jurassic Park Slot Game. This was a brutally efficient predator, with a large, thick, heavy skull and a 1.2-meter-long jaw. T-Rex was a bone crushing machine.

Fossils of the dinosaur point to a creature that was roughly 12 meters long and up to 6 meters tall fully grown. It has powerful thigh muscles and a long tail that helped it to get about at speed (essential for a predator).

Here is a clip from the "Clash of the Dinosaurs" series episode "Extreme Survivors" featuring the TYRANNOSAURUS REX (Discovery Channel in 2009).

T Tex's fearsome teeth were probably used to rip and snatch flesh, which it then tore to bits with its big neck muscles. Its had short two-fingered arms (probably to help grab prey, as they were too short to reach its mouth).

Paleontologists this supreme beast could gobble up to 230 kg of prey in one bite. Bones have been found in fossilised T Rex excretement suggesting that it was not one to remove bones prior to eating. They were just crushed and became part of the meal.

T Rex's habitat was forests in river valleys in what is now North America during the late Cretaceous. This most famous of all dinosaurs was wiped out 65 million years ago in the Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction event.

Tyrannosaurus Rex means "Tyrant King". Strangely enough, it was also one of the most nurturing of parents to live in the Cretaceous. It was thought that the parents had to guard the nest for 3 month to ensure the survival of their young. There wer plenty of other predators around, including some big crocodiles, who would see the baby T-Rex's as a meatlball on 2 legs. And danger was not restricted to the ground- it often came scooping out of the sky.

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